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Fishing in the sky

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  • Editor: Open road integrated media
  • Los datos publicados: 2014-06-10
  • ISBN: 9781497633339
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Sinopsis de Fishing in the sky de DONALD LAWDER:

What distinguishes this remarkable narrative from other accounts of personal growth is not just its vivid and intimate picture of West African life, but the fact that its author embarked on his adventure at an age when most men and women are resigned to life in a rocking chair. At age sixty-six, after the break-up of a stormy marriage, Donald Lawder begins a new life as a volunteer teacher for the Peace Corps in the impoverished country of Mali, in West Africa. He is adopted by a Moslem family, given a Malian name, and learns to pray in the village mosque. As"Professor of English"at the state teachers college in Malis capital city of Bamako, he teaches Debate, Black American History, and the philosophy of Emerson and Thoreau to French-speaking African students and becomes deeply involved with a Moslem student less than one third his age. Later, after a two-year job hunt in the U.S. convinces him that America is no country for old men, he returns to Bamako for good, as chief of an African family of six children ranging in age from three to twenty-three years. He arrives in time to witness his unarmed students heroic overthrow of the brutal dictator Moussa Traore and their confused efforts to establish one of the first democracies in West Africa. An intimate and moving account of modern Africa in turmoil and of an old mans discovery of love in one of the poorest countries of the world. Informacion sobre el autor del articulo no puede descubierto o tal vez eliminado al Con el creador. Usted podria Interesado en alternativos libros a causa de la DONALD LAWDER. Nosotros estabamos Capaces de Obtener la mayoria de casi todos los de iformatsii Usted para si mismo. Con respecto a creadores de estos estudios: nuestro sitio web no ampliar a publico accesibilidad su publicaciones en nuestro paginas de Internet solo inicial Informacion sobre los. si usted piensa cree que web pagina este sitio es Es realmente infractor, por favor, recuerde correo electronico Nosotros todos sobre esto y si usted es en realidad el creador de estos libros de texto, vamos a instantaneamente sacar sitios web De nuestro de sitio web

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me encanta este libro y esta idea de la lectura es como respirar.


El simulador es esencial…. Mucho te agradecere que lo consigas y publiques..Gracias


darle las gracias por descarga


I Puedo decir honestamente que fue una de las mejores cosas que jamás he leído


Jajaja Muy Bueno El Post

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